First we would like to appreciate you all for your support and time. For all that has been with us from the beginning and for the ones just tuning in; Thank You.

Trimester 1

     So Lisa and I found out that she was pregnant last summer and a roller coaster of emotions hit both of us. Scared. Excited. Worried. Uncertainty. We were not sure what to expect or even know what we could expect because of her conditions that automatically put this at high risk. Lisa had been suffering for many years from cancer, lupus, endometriosis, and polycystic ovarian syndrome. The only thing we could do is find out the options.

Specialist visit  - 6 weeks

     Great news Lisa; regardless of all the risk you can carry on with the pregnancy. Have a good day. Oh yeah, one more thing, you are pregnant with Monochorionic-Diamniotic (Mono-di) identical twins.

Still overwhelmed with various emotions we had to pull it together and somehow tell the kids. 

After we told the kiddos it was now time to spread the news to friends and family with a post: 

Trimester 2

      By the 2nd trimester we were finally very excited about the possibilities. We found out the sexes of both twins and it was time to reveal them to everyone. 

     Shortly after the reveal we decided it was time to get a baby registry going, plan for a shower, and prepare for the little guys to arrive. 

     However, Lisa had developed an extremely large blood clot called a subchorionic hematoma and had to be seen immediately.

Specialist visit 16 weeks

     Lisa; unfortunately Twin A (River) is 8ozs Twin B (Hawk) is 6ozs and have a condition called twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS).

     Baby B wasn’t growing at the same rate as Baby A because they were sharing a placenta, which contains shared blood vessels. Baby B was essentially acting as a donor to Baby A (the recipient). Baby A was receiving too much, and Baby B wasn’t receiving enough.

     This put both babies in grave danger, and they would require fetal surgery in order to survive, and even with the surgery, there was a high likelihood that one or both babies would be born with major deficits. Here comes the truly awful part. The doctors at the LA Fetal Therapy Center in Los Angeles (where Lisa’s doctor referred her to) said that surgery was only an option until week 26 of her pregnancy. And if that wasn’t bad enough, both Lisa’s doctor and the LA Fetal Therapy Center said that she couldn’t travel or have the surgery as long as she had the blood clot because it was too risky. She could bleed out at any time. Nonetheless, she was on strict horizontal bed rest.

     Devastated by the news we then directed our focus to the survival of the boys and Lisa's health; all anyone or we could do is wait and pray.

Specialist visit 22 weeks

     While still waiting for the hematoma to resolve, River and Hawk showed signs of significant growth, which left the specialist questioning whether or not they needed the surgery. Unfortunately, Lisa was developing other issues of her own that were becoming problematic. Her heart was having some trouble carrying the pregnancy. The doctor immediately put her on medication to help treat it.

Specialist visit 24 weeks

     Lisa finds out she has a hernia, which has been causing her significant pain. Unfortunately, her pain would get a lot worse before its all over because the doctors can’t treat the hernia until the pregnancy is over, and the bigger the babies get, the bigger and more painful the hernia would get.

Specialist visit 28 weeks

     After dropping Eden off at school we were involved in a hit and run car accident. Fortunately the babies were ok. Lisa had some pain for a week or two, but luckily wasn't injured.

Specialist visit 30 weeks

     We were keeping a close eye on baby Hawk as his growth slowed down some, and Lisa has developed a lupus flare up and her thyroid levels are all off. She is feeling miserable and now must see her rheumatologist and endocrinologist to see how bad the new issues are. These issues combined with Hawk's growing will determine whether or not the doctor takes the babies out early.

Specialist visit 32 weeks

     She’s been having contractions all the time, and the doctor said that Baby B has virtually stopped growing. He wants to start seeing her weekly again, and if in the next week or so he doesn’t start growing, he will need to deliver both babies, and they will need to spend some time in the NICU. Thankfully the hematoma is still not traceable, and we are trying to make it to 37 weeks. Right now 5 more weeks may seem like eternity to Lisa, but in reality it is right there. So we really have to put as much focus as we can on preparing for the boys to be here. Therefore, we will throw Lisa an online Baby Shower since we are super late and the majority of our friends and family live hours away. 

     In conclusion, we are extremely grateful for all the support in everything we have been through. The Doctor, Lisa, and I are blown away by the miracles that were performed in front of our eyes.

     We are hoping for the best and so excited to meet and share little River and little Hawk with all of you.