Mommies2Beee is part of "We The Humans" set up to help new mothers on their awesome journey of becoming a mom, whether this is your first experience or you're a seasoned pro, this program can help you, all at no cost to you.  All it takes is just a little bit of your time...

     What better way to share the AWESOME EXPERIENCE of having a new addition to your family than with your own webpage while racking up some FREE STUFF at the same time? Sounds good to you? I hope so. let me explain...

     Ever heard of Amazon? No, no, not the rain-forest, but the AWESOME online shopping site that has huge benefits and deals all the time. Well, did you know they have a free baby registry? They do, and you can create a baby registry and pick all the items you want and need for the new arriving HUMAN. Amazon claims to have the largest selection of baby items on the PLANET. You can also add items from any store with your Amazon Registry and in the process gain some FREE STUFF from AMAZON. You can get started with that baby registry here. Be sure to come back and finish your Mommies2Beee entry form to have your Mommies2Beeeweb page created and enroll to get the AWESOME BENEFITS!!!

     That was easy, right? So far so good? Also if you're not already an AMAZON PRIME member you can try it free for 30 days!!! Prime includes all kinds of free streaming TV shows, Movies and 1000s of free ebooks. (I've been a Prime member for years and just learned that recently, lol) Prime also includes free 2-day shipping on most items. I also just learned that your can get PRIME for a discounted rate with a valid EBT card. That info may or may not be useful to you. but it might be to someone you know so share and it and help others!!!

     Still with me? I hope so for both our sake (wouldn't be right if I was talking to my self :) OK, once you've created an Amazon Baby Registry, this is where it gets good, so on to the free stuff...

     "We The Humans" already has traffic with 100's of visitors daily. So, I'm offering you the chance to potentially tap into that traffic and maybe score some items from your baby registry!!! Also with some help from me of course, at no cost to you, obviously :) because I am trying to help!!!

     Think of Mommies2Beee like a "Go Fund Me" for expecting mommies. Instead of HUMANS giving money, they can help by purchasing items off your baby registry. Contributors will have more FUN and feel personally involved in your journey by shopping and purchasing items that you really need. 

     Have relatives out-of-town or state? Well, most HUMANS do. :) By creating an Amazon Baby Registry you will give them a safe and inexpensive way to help and support you. Let's be honest every expecting mother is worried they might not have all the things they may need for when their new HUMAN arrives. By participating in Mommies2Beee you are increasing your chances of getting all the items you want and need at 0% risk to you.

     There are MANY HUMANS out there, that would love to help an expecting mommy. By using Mommies2Beee you are giving these HUMANS, a safe and trusted way to help you in your time of worrying and need. 

     Once you create your Amazon Baby Registry, Fill out the form below. Click here...If you need any help or information on creating a Amazon Baby Registry.

Few things first:

  • It is important you include the same name that your Amazon Baby Registry is under.
  • Share your story, share a little about your self and family to better connect with HUMANS, doesn't  have to be detailed bio. just something short and sweet to better connect with HUMANS willing to help!!! We Are All Humans :)
  • Must include a working email, you will receive your link to share to be able to rack up on VISIT POINTS you will also receive emails to remind you to share and updates on the winners (more on this later)
  • Must include a link to your baby registry. Please if you have any problems doing so contact me on any of the many ways to contact me on We The Humans.
  • Follow Amazon's east to follow instructions on sharing your Amazon Baby Registry link.

     Still wondering if an Amazon Baby Registry is for you? Click Here to see all the amazing benifits of having a baby registry with Amazon. Coupled with Mommies2Beee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!!!

Baby Registry Name *
Baby Registry Name
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Referral's Baby Registry Name
Referral's Baby Registry Name

     PHOTOS are a great way to connect with HUMANS and make you Mommies2Beee page stand out!!! If you would like to include any photos please feel free to send them to . Or you can use any of the popular social media networks:

When sending any photos please include the name of your baby registry.

Be sure to follow "We The Humans" and Mommies2Beee on Twitter and Facebook. I will TWEET and POST weekly results of the VISIT POINTS and REFERRAL POINTS every Sunday afternoon. You may also request to have them sent via email if you prefer.

     ALLL... Right, the hard part is done for you, now Ill take over and create you, your very own "We The Humans" Mommies2Beee page. I will be making your pages manually so please allow up to 48 hours to be completed, I will notify you via the e-mail you provided, or you can keep checking back in the Mommies2Beee folder to see if your Baby Registry name is there.

Please contact me with the name of the registry in the subject for any changes you may want on your Mommies2Beee page, Please allow 48 hours for a response and change. I'm sure it will not take 48 hours, but just to be sure, remember I am doing this and working a full time job to take care of my 4 LITTLE ONES (and wife) lol :)

     Ok, Now its time for the rewards...

          FIRST is the VISIT POINTS!!! 

  • Visit points are earned by the number of page visits your Mommies2Beee page receives in between the 7th and 7th of every month. So be sure to share your Mommies2Beee page!!! To Accumulate the most points possible. (Twitter, Facebook, Texting, Instagram, etc...)
  • The Page with the most visits during the count time will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card!!! Don't sound like a lot but $25 can get some AWESOME items on Amazon and its FREE, also there is NO LIMIT on how many times you can WIN, there will be 1 winner the 7th day of every month then the counter resets, so you have the chance to win every month until your new HUMAN ARRIVES!!! That is potentially $225 In FREE money to spend on AMAZON!!!

     Don't worry if your not the top page visited. You still have a chance to win something!!!

  • For the page ranked 7th in page visits on the 7th day of the month. I will pay for a $20 promotional campaign for your page, meaning I will run an ad campaign to drive more traffic to your page which will bring in more potential contributors and the visits also count towards your VISIT POINTS!!! I'll give you a huge boost to help you get that number 1 spot!!!
  • For the Last 7 on the rank list I will make a special blog post and Facebook/twitter share to boost your visits.


  • 1 Referral = $1 on an Amazon Gift Card
  • Minimum payout is $25.
  • Maximum payout is $50 per enrolled Mommies2Beee registry. That is up to $50 in Amazon $!
  • Must have a Active Mommies2Beee page to be eligible.
  • Expecting mommies that you send to Mommies2Beee Must include your Baby Registry name in there Enrollment Form.
  • In order to receive the REFERRAL POINT, the expecting mom you send must create a valid Mommies2Beee web page.


DISCLAIMER: By submitting you're enrollment form you are allowing "We The Humans" to share information you provided publicly on your behalf. Please see the privacy policy and terms&conditions pages for further information.

     "We The Humans" is not making any guarantees to receive free items. But, I recommend sharing as much as possible to increase your chances and benefit from the programs I am providing. I only can guarantee the AWARDS payout for the VISITS POINTS and the REFERRAL POINTS programs.