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I have had this idea for a long time. the idea is to create a entertaining story that is told by unlimited amount of HUMANS.

The idea is the person tries to continue the story from where the previous person left off to the best of their abilities.

Your contribution can be fictional or nonfictional.

Your contribution can be as long as you see fit.

You can contribute as many times as you want before the end date.

After the end date, the masterpiece may be edited slightly for readability.

You may post anonymously or sign in to your favorite social media.

During the editing we have a index system to credit the authors.

The final story will be published here on We The Humans, for everyone to share and enjoy.

  Enter your submission in the comments on this page.

Please follow our comment policy while contributing. Would like to make it available to all ages.

The Title to our experiment will be "HUMANS" by:HUMANS

Sooooo....I'll start in the comments. Remember have fun and use your imagination.

Be sure to hit the share but to get all your friends and family involved the more HUMANS the better!