Comment Policy

Here at We The Humans we encourage HUMAN engagement, with that said we do not accept the following:

  • Bullying... Everyone dislikes a bully... we are not here to waste our time defending ourselves or someone else because a few mean HUMANS, so please play nice :)
  • Spamming... Please don't fill the comments section up with nonsense spam. examples: repeated posting the same links or comments...
  • Hateful comments...We The Humans was not started for people to come be hateful or judgmental to other HUMANS. 
  • Racism or anything alike... We The Humans does not see color nor should the comments. Example would be while talking about or mentioning someone, labeling the white/black.
  • Links or mentioning of any hate/adult pages, this is a place for a wide range of ages.. please be considerate.

if any of the above terms is broken repeated, We The Humans would have no choice to the block your comments. We encourage everyone to be kind and help each other and we all can benefit so please play nice. 

We don't not mind self promoting moderately, please don't fill the comments up with spam, it is ok to mention your work or what you have accomplished that is what We The Humans is here for, But please be considerate of others.