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     Here at We The Humans, It's not a team or company it's just me :) Trying to make a difference and maybe make a positive impact on people. The time we live in is so, not what us HUMANS are here for. I don't have all the answer, but I know what I see and feel just isn't right. Don't get me wrong there is a lot of HUMANS that got it right but in general the world itself is creeping in the wrong direction. This is just my opinion.  What i'm doing here is what i have always believed in. If you know me then what i have i always said? I believe in "HUMANS", I believe more in HUMANS than anything else. We are a awesome species and the greatest, of course.

     I will continue to build this site, no matter what. I have big hopes and dreams for it to make a impact. Will it be hard? YES, it will be very hard. I Know it will, But if I can share stories and encourage others to share and work together it'll all be worth it. It's common sense that together and united is more powerful than single and alone. Look at pretty much any life form and they know it. Look at how we HUMANS are creating AI (artificial intelligence). Their plan is to have all the AI synced to 1 cloud. Therefore when 1 learns they all learn. I'm Not against it, It's smart, It's what I feel us HUMANS need to try harder to achieve. There is so much HATE, ENVY, JEALOUSY, GREED, etc,  In the world today. It's always negative. When's the last time you watched the news and they talked about great HUMAN accomplishments? Or what HUMANS have done to support each other? EXACTLY... Because negativie is what sells and gets people's attention. It should not be that way. This is why I feel this is calling me. I want a place you can come and just be PROUD to be HUMAN!!!

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     I'm a proud husband  to my wife and a proud  father of 4 AWESOME HUMANS (boys) lol, I work full-time and sole provider for my family. I took on this calling to hopfully  make a change and start something my boys can grow and expand, I pass my beliefs and faith in HUMANS down to my boys. So if you do any of the things listed above to support OUR journey. IT WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED and NEVER FORGOTTEN.

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