Welcome to We The Humans... 

Just a simple place for us humans to share and grow together, here is a place to share inspiring things we humans are great at. We have accomplished wonderful and amazing things, but has anything great been accomplished alone? So i'm creating this place to build and share with each other, there is so much hate and judgment on the internet and actually everywhere now a days. 

I am by no means a English scholar, nor have any experience in web design, you will see many mistakes but please don't let them distract you from the real reason i'm creating this site.

Please feel free to explore and learn, if you have any tips or concerns please contact me.

Click the picture below for a collection of amature photos of sunrises and sunsets, shot by me. :)


Finally, Available on Prime...

Spreading the awareness of the Importance of HUMAN UNITY via HUMOR and HUMAN STUFF. :)