Drone Build Tools

     Here is a simple list of tools you may need on your first build. You may have some or all of these things already. I am just compiling a list for the NOOBS like myself...If you have any comments or recommendations please leave them below. Anyone here including myself can always useful tips and points.



The F2C 2in1 862d+ features a hot air blower as well for the little more experience repairs. Right now you can save $100 Ordering it from Amazon using the above link. 

The Sealody Digital Soldering Station is also a great soldering iron. Dosnt feature the hot air blower but has many features of its own and will suit 95% of the hobby.


Your main "go-to" tool will probably be your soldering iron. If you have no experience in soldering don't get nervous like myself. Its is actually pretty easy. Just don't make the same mistake I did and get the cheapest/lowest wattage ($10) you find lol. A good hot iron will save you a lot of headache TRUST ME...


Your next best friend will probably be a X-ACTO knife or alike. Cutting heat shrink, tape, trimming, a lot of uses, the little cheap ones will serve you well but I nice quality knife isn't that expensive either, You may have one already. The one above is one I use but it is all personal preference. 


One of the tools that helped me out a lot was a set of Surgical Locking Pliers, the curved more then the straight but both are handy. Good to hold the small wire to the pad while soldering also very useful pulling/install little connections to your boards while your craft is assembled. Also, very handy holding multiple wires at one time while you tin them. (tinning is applying a little amount of solder to the wire to make it easier and a better connection to the soldering pad)


Soldering wire. There are a lot of different types and sizes. The recommended is 60/40 .32 in diameter. You're free to get whatever brand you desire just remember you get what you pay for. Also it is recommend that you use the same solder throughout your build try not to mix different brand and types, These may cause cold solder joints and hairline cracks. 


Soldering flux is used to help the solder flow where you want it do with less heat. Apply where to the contacts you are solder and you'll notice a huge difference if you wasn't using it before. Its also used on your solder wick to help getting the wick to absorb the solder.


Solder Wick, A solder wick is a mesh made of little copper wire used to suck up unwanted solder. Used to clean up boards for a rebuild, or just to clean up you final build, or like me clean up mistakes. :) Very handy to have around without it, it's very challenging to remove unwanted solder.


If you didn't get a solder caddy with the soldering iron you went with. I recommend the Hakko 599B-02. Or something alike your gonna need something to hold your hot iron and clean your tip. I started with the little stand that comes with the cheap soldering irons and i sticky taped a brillo sponge to my desk. lol had to build with what i had on hand. You know what i'm talking about...


Double Stick Tape, Double stick sticky tape!!! is recommend to have around also, you'll use it for a number of your securing needs. ESCs, LEDs, insulator for between boards and carbon fiber parts, you use this stuff for a number of things, again you welcome to get whatever brand you want, but the cheaper brands will not hold as well as the big brand names of coarse. 


Heat Shrink, heat shrink is used for a number of things during your build. Definitely want to get the colors that go with the theme of your build. Or you can just go with a safe color like black, Its all up to you, but you will need it to have a safe build. Heat shrink is used to insulate exposed copper wire, to prevent shorting out. Its also good for a number of other things, like shaping and protecting you receive antennas.