Big Thanks to Aaron Randall @  sub sonik designz  for this awesome hook up!!! Thank HUMAN!!!

Big Thanks to Aaron Randall @ sub sonik designz for this awesome hook up!!! Thank HUMAN!!!

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This mountain is beautiful
I was about to fly my New 1s brushless but one wire on my camera decided to snip off so a chance i had my SantaWhoop under Silverware NFE ! Smooth and relax flight tho ! but at least got my FIX ! Whoop On ! Love you guys !
Had to Whoop the office :) Gear below...
Some of you asked for flight footages with the new BETAFPV Flight Controller F4 1s ! I wasn't that lucky today , you will see ! Smash that Thing , Jello here jello there but overall Super Good !
i managed to do a little thing over the tree in the neighbors yard. like a flip/roll....?
Uploaded by xXxBACONxXx FPV on 2019-10-08.
My first construction site attempt, got in, burned 2 packs and got out of there, this is the second of the 2 packs. Trying to get though all this piled up footage I've been to busy to do anything with.
flying my acrobrat mamba mini f405 tbs unify emaxx 3600kv motors hq props
Sunday funday. Went north and ripped some packs. These little drones are fun AF!
One and only flight footage of hybrid Sailfly X motors on Larva X with HD cam. At the end of the flight I crashed into the swings, broke the Split circuit board and ejected the SD card.. but somehow still captured this footage! Awesome camera! Quad was not yet tuned to my liking..
Practice runs! Got loads of powerloops and such in so thats cool! back to the good stuff next video promise!! SETUP: TBS SourceOne Lumenier FreyBott Edition TBS Bullet 25a CL Racing FC X4r-sb Foxeer Predator Mini Dys 200mw vtx IG: FB: #projectzenfpv #fpvgirl #goonskwad
Out flying, testing and tuning things getting her dialed in. Now its flying pretty good!
found a sweet spot with my buddy whoop weep and it was a day of crashes! but I managed to get some decent shots!
Uploaded by xXxBACONxXx FPV on 2019-09-11.
Second attempt at proxy & the remainder of the footage i had left from my RO Entry! Please drop a like and sub if you havent yet!
Long range flight to the island of lepers!Agios Nikolaos,Elounda,Crete! My Gear : Alien 4,5"Slammed Frame : TBS Crossfire Micro Tx : TBS Nano Diversity Rx : l TBS Immortal RX & TX Anntenas : Tramp Hv Vtx : T -Motors 5143s Props : Dys 2306 1750kv Motors :
flynoceros #sköllv2 #kwadmods
Uploaded by bobby harman on 2019-08-11.
flynoceros #skollv2 #sköllv2
First time flying reckless's spot! super super nervous but turned out cool, Hitting up again soon!! Drop a like & subscribe!! setup: armattan chameleon ti 5 matek f405 matek pdb tbs bulletproof 25a tramp hv racerstar sprog 2206 2300kv
Who says Florida doesn't have any bandos? This bando is coming in hot in more ways than one. The temperature was sweltering as well as the fact this old thermostat factory should probably be a Superfund site... Oh well, still gonna send it!
This was a dumb move on my part taking off to close to me... live and learn.... Flips and powerloops see more at
just got this tyro79 all buttoned up and cam mounted for recording. this is just a test video to see how it would all record and post to the tubes. Stock Tyro 79 3x3x3 HQ Props Stock Cam Stock PIDS BetaFPV 3s battery literally just practicing...idk yet....
This video is a comparison between my FPV feed in my goggles on DVR vs the CaddX Tarsiers HD recording in box stock settings. The camera records BEAUTIFULLY in daylight so I do not want to change it for night flights.. I will just post DVRs of the feed instead!
Mavic Zoom, First week. Awsome Footage.
1102 13500kv motors on my Mobula 7 makes it freestyle like a dream!
Converted my BETA 85X 4k to a toothpick using a Fullspeed 2.5mm toothpick pro lower frame.. oh baby.. this thing is good.. running on 450 mah homemade 4s here.. shes a beast! Needs a bit of fine tuning yet but man.. this SOB is bad ass.. no whoop can do this lol..
3 different quads, 3 different recording devices (goggle dvr, Runcam split mini, GoPro hero 7 Black), 3 different packs, 3 different songs... the 2nd is a nightmare... Josh Ketchum makes a power whoop appearance at 4:15

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