Learning something new? Interested in self improvement? Want to get lost in a wonderful adventure?   

     Everyone loves or should love to read. We Humans have been reading for years and have no sign of stopping anytime soon. We read to learn and to pass the time with vivid adventures that stimulate the HUMAN mind. Old real books, to modern day digital books called E-Books we all read them for a number of things. Here is a few for your browsing pleasure.

      Don't have time to sit down and read like the rest of us. Try out the Audible app and get 2 free audiobooks. I actually use this alot while driving on trips, it's awesome to be able to learn new things while driving or working out.

Also, if you are looking for something in particular you can use the search button on any of my pages!



Good old fashion physical books, There is something about getting lost in the words that have been printed on paper for your enjoyment. Real books are disappearing more everyday. Keep the BOOKS ALIVE and checkout these awesome finds. 



For the HIGH TECH HUMANS, or just the HUMANS that would like to have more than one book in the palm of their hands. Or to simply have your books with you all the time on your phone or personal devices. 



Looking for a fast read with evolving authors and editors Magazine are tailored for fast reading and enjoyment. some are very educational while some are strictly for entertainment. I like the pictures :)