The perfect most cost effective home entertainment! I USE PERSONALLY.

     This is one of the setups I have on 1 of my tvs, I don't know if you know this or not, but you are able to use any bluetooth speaker with the Amazon Fire Stick, for a very easy surround sound effect, Or if you just wanna hear it better without having the tv on blast :) The best ones to use is any with a physical volume control on the speaker. Amazon fire stick does not have any other way to control volume other than the tv, therefore if you want to be able to control the sound with a bluetooth speaker make sure you get or have one with buttons on it, to control the volume. That's a little tip, that I had to learn the hard way and spend sometime researching. Another cool feature I Learned is, it is very easy to Miracast anything on your phone's screen to a tv with a Amazon Fire Stick. With a Amazon Prime account there is 1000s of tv shows and movies. And there's a few other tricks you able to do with these little "magic sticks" lol 

So if you're looking to get a very cost effective home media center the combo above will suit you very well. Hope this helps anyone.

Thanks hope everyone enjoyed the eclipse, it rained here :(


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