The Tiny Whoop Build:

So, built the 5in racing mulitirotor quadcopter. Yayy!! full of excitement, then remember i can only fly line of sight... So then proceed to get "LIFTOFF" a simulator available on steam. After upgrading my (ancient in tech years) gaming pc. i was able to play at a decent frame rate with low settings, but it wasn't doing it for me. i needed to feel the air, so say... Then i pondered on tiny whoops, thought that's a perfect idea!!! go back to where i started with the toy drone. I looked online a little didn't really know exactly where to start and what kinda power to expect so i found one for sale on a local FB group. well, long story short my FLYSKY transmitter wont bind with the FRSKY whoop, so i ended up doing what i knew how to do, order all the parts from amazon and figure it out. i then proceeded to sort thru all the tiny whoop parts available on prime. 

BETAFPV 2pcs Beta65S 65mm Whoop Frame

     Went, with the 65mm frame to start. built a 75mm also, i prefer the 65mm personally but i am not a professional drone pilot. As usual i always prefer to get the best bang for my buck, so i elected to choose the 2 pack for cheap. There are many different frames to choose from. some can get kinda pricey.

BETAFPV 7x16mm 17500KV Brushed Motors with JST-1.25 Connector

     For the motors, i went with the cheapest bundle and best reviewed i could find. I then double checked and triple checked that the 7x16mm would fit in the frame i plan on purchasing. To make assembling much easier i found motors with a JST-1.25 male connector, prevents a lot of soldering...

BETAFPV F3 Whoop Flight Controller with Betaflight OSD (NO Receiver Version)

     With the Flight Controller, I knew i needed one without a receiver, since i would be adding a FLYSKY receiver to bind with my FLYSKY transmitter. They also offer flight controllers with frsky or spectrum built in. At the time they did not offer built in FLYSKY, i read today (8-21-18) betafpv is releasing a flight controller with flysky built in. Having OSD built in is a plus. also has the JST-1.25 female connections for the brushed motors.

FPV Camera BETAFPV Z01 AIO FPV Cam with OSD 5.8G 40CH 25mW VTX 

     This is where it got a little tricky for me. purchased different model, it didn't fit under the canopy. So i found this AIO Camera and it fits under the canopy nicely, Picture quality is awesome. some flight controllers even have line up solder pins.

Flysky A8S 8CH Receiver 2.4Ghz PPM i-BUS S-BUS

     This tiny micro flysky receiver was the key to getting my transmitter linked to a whoop and me in the air. This is only because i went with the flysky transmitter when i built my first build. Yours may vary depending on the transmitter you are using.

BETAFPV 5pcs Tiny Whoop Plastic Canopy Blue and Transpartent for FPV Tiny Whoop

     i wanted something that was going to protect this thing from all the crashes it was going to endure. These have been great. 100s of crashes haven't broke one or anything its protecting yet, and the camera i mentioned fits perfect.

BETAFPV 16pcs 31mm 4-blade Props Propeller 0.8mm Shaft for 65mm Frame Tiny Whoop

     I learned with the props 31mm is for 65mm whoops. found the best deal with the fun colors. Made sure the shaft dimensions are the same as the shaft on the motors i plan on using. I originally thought i was going to be destroying props. Honestly haven't broke any. 

     if assembling all the parts isnt what your looking for there are several BNF tiny whoops on the market, just make sure you get the right tiny whoop that will bind to your transmitter.

     Tiny Whoops are an awesome way to learn how to fly FPV.  Enables you to get in alot of stick time, because you are able to fly indoors safety. Day/Night Rain/Shine  and they are just fun to fly...